In 2006 , Westover High School and the community forged a bond of collaboration and partnership to secure community support in restoring, maintaining and sustaining the heritage of excellence always associated with Westover High.  All stakeholders share in the traditions, the heritage and the successes of Westover; likewise, they all share in challenges that daily confront the school. 

The initiative sought to link the community through bringing together the School, the Home, Community Agencies and Businesses, the Faith Community and by establishing an Alumni Association.  As we sought to build the support base and collaboration, the group also saw the need to work on promoting a more positive image of Westover; hence, the name PAWS was created. 

PAWS is an acronym for promoting Public Awareness of Westoverís Successes.  PAWS works diligently to ensure that positive information, activities and events are brought to the attention of the community.  PAWS has been instrumental in writing and receiving grants, obtaining financial support from community supporters, providing incentives for the staff and securing speakers and other resources. 

One of the most important things that grew out of the community initiative was the development of the Westover Alumni Association which has been so successful in finding and linking many of the Westover graduates.  PAWS continues to support the school and encourages any alumni to participate in and/or support the collaborative effort of liking the school to the community.