As a support organization, we are often asked...what have you accomplished? Below is a brag board of what we have accomplished as well as what we've done to support the students and Westover as a whole.  While we are quite young, we've already made some serious impact and achieved remarkable growth! We need YOUR HELP to continue forward with these endeavors!

Communications Liaison for Alumni Gatherings ~ November/December 2008
The Alumni Association utilized our large database and mail list servers to communicate to over 700 alumni members about various alumni gatherings over the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years gatherings).  These functions were put on by some very hard working alumni members whom we are very grateful towards.  We merely acted as a communications tool for them and for our alumni base but that's part of the beauty of what we have put together!  A Wolverine FAMILY that is able to communicate more effectively!

Academic Scholarship Approved for Westover Student(s) ~ November 2008
The Alumni Association approved the granting of a $1000 scholarship which will be awarded to a worthy senior before graduation in 2009.  Fund raising events will launch in January to endow the scholarship and if enough funds are raised, 2 scholarships could be rewarded.

Homecoming Alumni Social ~ October 2008
Continuing with the great success of 2007, the Alumni Association sponsored a fully catered social at the Westover cafeteria for all returning alumni for the 2008 Homecoming.

Alumni Website Launched ( ~ October 2008
After countless months of work, the new official Westover Alumni website was launched.  This was an integral tool to bring alumni together from around the globe and centralize communication so we could start building for the future. The baby steps we are taking now will lead to great things in the future!  The new website incorporated tools for PTSA, PAWS, message boards for alumni to communicate with one another, mail lists and pertinent information about Westover as well as the Alumni Association.

Westover Girls' Basketball Team State Championship Awards Banquet ~ May 2008
After achieving a FIRST ever state championship for our proud school, the task at hand was to make sure the girls and staff received their championship rings.  Not all students could afford this keepsake so the Alumni Association helped to sponsor a ring for one of the players.  We were able to sponsor Tequila Jones who was an amazing force for the Wolverines all season long.

Westover Robotics Team Makes National Competition ~ April 2008
Never count out the underdog.  Westover's Robotics team came in FIRST place at the regionals held at Clemson University which propelled us into the Nationals!  The team achieved an Honorable Mention at the National competition and made all Wolverines very proud.  The Alumni Association helped raise funds to assist the team in their travels.

Before that, the Westover Robotics team won the Rookie All Star Award at the Richmond Regionals. It was a fantastic year for the Robotics Team and the Alumni Association was very proud to have supported them on their fine endeavors and accomplishments!

Westover Girls' Basketball Team to State Championships ~ March 2008
Our girls did it...they made it to the State Championships and the Alumni Association helped raise funds in very short time to send the girls to Raleigh in style.  Instead of an activity bus, charter buses were rented and the Alumni Association helped to contribute several hundreds of dollars to help pay for the trip which ended up bringing us our FIRST STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Homecoming Alumni Social ~ October 2007
In order to reach out to our Alumni and get them involved with Westover again, the Alumni Association sponsored a fully catered social at the Westover cafeteria for all returning alumni.

Westover Alumni Association Starts To Take Shape ~ Fall 2007- Spring 2008
As with most things new, growing pains are to be expected but the Alumni Association became an official 501-c3 organization recognized by State and Federal governments and we came together and immediately started making an impact for Westover and our local community.